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Farm Irrigation Service

Irrigation - Who needs it?

Crop yield depends on good soil management, proper fertilization, quality of seed strains, insect and plant - disease control, and efficiently mechanized operations. Irrigation is the insurance that these factors will produce the highest possible profits.

Why Tico?

Tico Pipe is the strongest aluminum irrigation pipe in the industry. The Tico coupler is formed as an integral part of the tube. This forming process does not allow weak points in the length of pipe as is the situation with weld or roll on, or press on type couplers

Easy Handling

The Tico coupler is simple in design and the function of the self sealing gasket is fool proof. The galvanized steel latches are hinged from an aluminum extrusion that is permanently Heli-arc welded in place. Insuring proper settings that go together and apart easily. The unlevel terrain that the pipe is to be laid out on is compensated within the coupler itself, and the elasticity of the tube. The design of the coupler allows the male end to pivot within a 10˚ range, thus increasing the flexibility of each length of pipe. Tico pipe can be laid at the rate of one mile per hour over the roughest of terrain. The gaskets seal when the pressure in the system starts rising.


Tico aluminum pipe can be used for transporting water, air, liquid manure, and virtually any other fluid. Tico pipe is thoroughly interchangeable with existing Tico and many other brands of irrigation pipe. We supply Tico pipe in sizes 2" through 6" complete with gasket.

Tap-Off Hooks

The hooks on the male end of the pipe are of quality aluminum alloy casting. A one inch pipe thread (NPT) is machined into the hook to allow an instant tap-off on any length of pipe. The tap is used extensively on Solid Set, Frost Control, and Row Crop irrigation.

Inverted Ends

The male end of the Tico pipe is inverted back within itself forming a bead on the very end giving superior strength where it is most needed. This unique design of irrigation pipe is engineered to stand 300 PSI pressure, permitting use of giant sprinkler installations under practically all conditions. This includes elevation to 600 feet and distance up to two miles from water supply, using a single pumping station.


We supply a complete line of Tico pipe fittings introduced inside this brochure. A unique feature on Tico fittings is the swedged male end and double latches on the female end, preventing joints from prying apart under high pressures. In addition to our standard Tico fittings we custom fabricate special adapter fittings to accommodate other brand pipes to interchange with Tico pipe, and our engineered systems.


With the use of Tico pipe and fittings in conjunction with our fabrication abilities, we supply complete Irrigation Systems from stock and engineered for your particular situation. While it may seem that irrigation is simple and uncomplicated, the soundest advice we can offer is to get sound advice before proceeding to irrigate. For more information or advice please contact our team at Tico Irrigation.